What other experts are saying about Born2Hack

“Bill is one of the most experienced security leaders I know in offensive and defensive cyber operations. This is a great read and insight into the work we collectively do to protect countries and organizations around the world. A must read for those thinking of starting a career in cybersecurity, or an introduction to the field.”

~Stuart McClure, author of Hacking Exposed, CEO Cylance

“This is a thoughtful and entertaining read for people outside the cybersecurity field to understand the stories behind the headlines and how we do what we do to protect our governments and organizations around the world”

~Manish Gupta, CEO & Founder ShiftLeft

“Bill shares a broad swatch of real-world experiences and lessons learned that he and others have had in a truly diverse and growing industry. I personally took the path of building software products to improve the state of application security, a path that has been mentally and financially rewarding. Reading Born2Hack reminded me that I live in a virtual corner of a very big industry with lots of opportunities. Maybe it’s time to get out of my corner and explore other things...”

~Mark Curphey, CEO & Founder SourceClear

“Cybersecurity has become the number one concern for organizations and governments across the globe. Bill takes us on a fascinating journey with tales from the front lines where one can learn about this new battleground and perhaps land in one of the most promising career paths. We are going to need a lot more cyber defenders in the future, and this book will get you there or at least help you better understand why this field matters so much to our digital lives.”

~Vitor De Souza, Vice President Communications at Cisco

“A fascinating insight to the hidden world of the cyber ‘white hats’, from one of the most experienced and articulate professionals in the industry. A must read for anyone wanting to understand what it really means to work at the cutting edge of cyber-forensics.”

~Andrew Dyson, Partner, DLA Piper–Co-Chair Data Protection, Privacy and Security practice

“Bill has tremendous knowledge and practice in security operations, his enthusiasm and insights inspired many people. This book brings all of them together, for people who is looking for a mentor on career guidance on security, this is a must read.”

~ Zheng Bu, Chief Security Officer, Didi Global 

“Bill is one of the most engaging and motivating managers I have ever had the pleasure working for. His technical knowledge is surpassed only by his ability to explain complex technical material in a way that newcomers to the industry can understand. He has an extensive insight into the cyber battlefield today that everyone - from new in the industry to seasoned veterans - can benefit from by reading this book.” 

~Rasmus Riis Kristensen, Technical group lead at the Danish National Cybercrime Center, NC3

“Cybersecurity is no longer a ‘good to have’—it’s an absolute must. Most of the internet enabled world is waking up to this new order which is causing a huge talent demand and supply challenge. Born2Hack comes straight from the gut of a cyber expert from the field who’s helped numerous organizations resolve complex security challenges and shares a path that others can help too. If you’re a person who logs to the internet, this book certainly has some new insights for you.”

~Rahul Kashyap, President & CEO Awake Security Inc

“Bill’s decades of experience, leading, managing, and coaching shine through in ‘Born 2 Hack’. If you’re interested in entering one of the hottest industry segments around—where demand for experts far outweigh supply—or simply want to engage with it, you need this book.”

~Mike Andrews, author of How to Break Web Software and VP, Oracle Cloud

“This book provides real life insights into what it means to be a security professional and the journey of building one’s career in this space. Bill has a proven track record of building, mentoring and running top notch security teams providing cutting edge services. A great read to get started in CyberSecurity.”

~Amol Mathur, Director, Products & Strategy, Cloud Security, Akamai

“Bill has been an amazing and pivotal leader during much of information security’s history, and his wealth of knowledge is one we need to capture. In ‘Born 2 Hack’, Bill captures what it’s like to get started in information security, and just how important our job is. This book is a must-read for both newcomers breaking into information security or veterans looking to reminisce on the reasons why they chose this rewarding career path. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your journey.”

~Matt Bromiley, SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Instructor